Houses and apartments for rent in the area of Stavanger.
EiendomsMegler1 Boligutleie is authorized as a real estate agency. We are the market leader in rental to business customers in Stavanger and the surrounding areas. Our company serves the oil industry and other business, as well as the private rental market.

Why choose us?

- Extensive knowledge about the rental market.
- Large portfolio of homes for rent.
- Rental agreements in both Norwegian and English.


Let us be your realtor! EiendomsMegler1 Boligutleie are specialists in the rental market and have a broad network. We have acquired knowledge over many years about what the market is looking for in a rental property, what the right price is and how the Norwegian Tenancy Act regulates the rental agreement. Our contracts are carefully adapted to the needs of both parties for security and professionalism, both in Norwegian and in English.

- Property inspection and price estimates.
- Marketing of Your property.
- Viewings.
- Negotiations and drawing up a rental contract.
- Moving-in assistance.
- Legal advice.

Please contact us for advice: boligutleie@em1sr.no
Phone nr: (00 47) 915 02070.


Welcome to Stavanger, EiendomsMegler1 Boligutleie will do our best to help you find your new home to rent in the Stavanger area. EiendomsMegler1 Boligutleie is the largest real estate company renting out properties in the Stavanger area. Most of our customers are expat’s moving to Stavanger for a short or long duration. Our customers are both private and companies.

The monthly rental start’s from 8.000 NOK for a one bedroom apartment to 40-45.000 NOK for a detached house or a large penthouse apartment. Apartments and houses are generally more expensive in and immediately around the town centre of Stavanger. Please be informed that for private rental agreements the landlords required a security of two months’ rent in advance as deposit.


In our portfolio most of the apartments are fully furnished, and located within walking distance of Stavanger or Sandnes. The area of living space is normally between 70 – 90 m2, with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 guest toilet. You will normally get parking space for one car in a garage area, however, it depends on the apartment building. Some town areas have zone parking, this is an additional cost. For more info see: http://www.stavanger-parkering.no/boligsoneparkering/

Internet and cable TV

May or may not be included. This is stated under “Accessible services” in the prospects. Normally for apartments, a basic package of cable-tv is included in the rental price, and sometimes also internet. Please be informed that it is normally restrictions reg. installing satellite dishes for apartment buildings.


The residence is let unfurnished including white goods (stove, refrigerator, freezer, micro wave oven, dish washer, washing machine and tumble dryer) and curtains/vertical or horizontal blinds in all rooms(sunproof curtains/vertical or horizontal blinds in all bedrooms), light fixtures, tools for outdoor maintenance winter/summer (lawn mower, garden tools, wheelbarrow, snow shovel, broom, spade etc), and smoke detector, fire extinguisher / hose and other according to prepared inventory list. All rooms should have sufficient heating and lighting.

Fully furnished

The residence is let fully furnished – the lessor would normally prepare an inventory list – normally everything you will need for your stay will be in the apartment.

Electricity / Heating

Is normally always excluded in the rental price since it is a variable cost. The cost will vary according to the usage and the size of the living area (m2), however you may budget with approx. 1.200 NOK pr month for an apartment (80 m2) and approx. 2.000 NOK pr month for a house that is approx. 150 m2.


Some landlords accept pets, other landlords may for instance, because of allergies, not accept cats or dogs. Please inform your agent if you would like to bring your pet.

Norwegian houses

A lot of the houses we rent out are privately owned houses, where the landlords themselves are moving abroad for a number of years. Most landlords would prefer a rental agreement that has a similar duration to their own stay. The prospect should state if it is unlimited lease period or if there is a time limit. It is standard with a three years lease agreement, with 3 month´s notice period for the lessor and/or the lessee, or with a certain binding time to either secure the lessor, the lessee or both.

Norwegian houses and apartments that are new or newly renovated are usually of a good or high standard. The houses and apartments are mainly heated with electricity or water based heating - some have wood burning stoves or gas stoves. The bathrooms are normally tiled with underfloor heating. The size of the houses varies from approx. 150 m2 to 350 m2. It is important to check the size of living space your family require. Especially if you are bringing furniture with you from abroad. The bedrooms in Norway are generally small – it is usually only space for a double bed in the master bedroom and single beds in the children’s bedrooms. It should normally be some wardrobes installed in the houses.

A typical Norwegian house is built of wood. It generally has a sloping ceiling that steals some of the living space from the rooms upstairs. Normally you will find that there are bedrooms upstairs, or a “loft stue” – upstairs living room. A lot of Norwegian houses have a main part that is available for rent - with a separate basement apartment downstairs that either is included or not. Please check the listing for more info.

The rental marked in Stavanger is very hectic, especially in the summer season. There are a lot of families moving from abroad to Norway to work for oil companies, Nato JWC or other companies. It is the landlords decision who he/she would like to rent the house/apartment to. There might be several interested parties in one house, so you may not necessarily get the house you want. It is always good to have one or two other alternatives in case the offer falls through. Especially if you are in Stavanger on a pre-visit and need to leave before an offer has been accepted. Sometimes the rental price will have to be increased, or there might be other things that need to be agreed between the parties before we have a final agreement.

Please be informed that by Norwegian Law, it is only allowed to negotiate and give a legally binding offer for one property at the same time. When the offer is sent to the landlord – and he/she accepts, this forms a legally binding agreement that both parties have to adhere to – even if the contract is not completed. As a foreigner it will be a security for you to rent a property through a certified estate agent.

When we have a final agreement – the estate agent will contact you and a contract will be drawn up – both in Norwegian and English – between the two parties. If you have to travel home before we have written the agreement it is possible for you to scan your signature back to us.

Before moving in / start of lease - it is expected that you pay the first rental payment (one month´s lease) to the landlord and two months deposit in security. The deposit will be transferred to a separate deposit account in the name of the tenant. As long as the tenancy lasts, neither can dispose of the amount on their own. The tenant may claim the accrued interest paid out. The money will be released by both parties at the end of the lease agreement or, if any disagreement, by an appraiser. Accrued interest in the period will devolve on the lessee.

We can help establishing a deposit account through SR-Bank. We will need your D-number and copy of ID (passport, driver´s licens etc). The lessor will be charged the expenses of opening the deposit account. If you do not have a D-number we will have to find another way of securing the agreed amount.

If you would like to move forward with a rental agreement for a property, let the estate agent know and send in a tender form. This will enable us to contact the landlord and get a quick reply.

We look forward welcoming you to Stavanger!